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Fight Аgainst Аddiction


People from different fields of work, education or age can fall into the trap of...

No deadline $905 Raised 64.64%

Goal $1,400

Shared deliveries - innovative software

James Sullivan

Have you ever had a great idea but didn't have the resources to realize it? I th...

No deadline $1,273 Raised 4.24%

Goal $30,000

Dream Factory - Let's motivate young people

Silbird Santos

Hello! My name is Gilbird. Fifty-two years old, an energetic, successful and pos...

No deadline $1,700 Raised 11.33%

Goal $15,000

Anisha left knee surgery

Charlie Benton

Anisha Benton is 37 years old, from Barstow, California. At the end of 2019, Ani...

No deadline $2,175 Raised 14.50%

Goal $15,000

Help with medical bill

Daniel Horner

Diego Horner is 39 years old, from Loveland, Colorado. He was diagnosed with "Te...

No deadline $10,557 Raised 105.57%

Goal $10,000

Living Dead!

George Reece

We do not exaggerate the title altogether ... This is the Boot Kit for which we...

No deadline $970 Raised 57.06%

Goal $1,700

Chance for Cassie!

Joseph Aaron

Little desperately needs a foster home in Brooklyn! She is currently in a very i...

No deadline $660 Raised 55.00%

Goal $1,200

Help needed for man and his family

Sophia Brown

Despair and prayers ...Yesterday we received a call from a very nice old man. Hi...

No deadline $790 Raised 26.33%

Goal $3,000

Lets help children

Petar Staykov

Hello friends!I've lived in Germany for a lot of years, but recently I came back...

No deadline $1,296 Raised 3.01%

Goal $43,000






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Welcome to Rotari Club Crowdfunding & Fundraising Network