Help needed for man and his family

Despair and prayers ...

Yesterday we received a call from a very nice old man. His story touched us deeply and we hope it will reach your hearts and together we will be able to help this family. The man is quite old and, as he himself has expressed - has a grandmother. But she is very sick, with cancer being just one of her diagnoses ... The woman goes out with her companion only, and her condition is quite severe. The only joy of this poor woman who is unhealthy but rich in heart is to go out one or two times a day on the stairs in front of the block and look at the cats she cared for and feed in her better times ... They bring her joy , comfort, instant peace and peace of mind after pain and difficult life. These fluffy little and big creatures can seduce the woman and give her something that no medicine could ...

But when a man appears on the background of this picture, everything sinks back into darkness! A neighbor threatened the grandmother that she would do something to her or her cats if she did not stop feeding them and taking care of them. And last week comes the day he finally fills his neck. One of the cats is beaten to death. Her condition is so severe that after her grandfather had brought her to Animo, she had to be euthanized. What has this so-called man with such malice, hatred, and grace of grace made to resort to this? What did the old woman and her cats do? We do not think we can ever answer these questions because such behaviors, such emotions and minds are incomprehensible to us, and even less human! If this word can no longer be used to characterize something humane ...

This unfortunate cat has already found peace - undeservedly and without time. But the remaining animals are still in real danger, and grandparents live in fear and despair. They are afraid to point out the person who did this. They feel completely powerless and pressed in the corner.

Call us grandfather, because the grandmother can barely talk after the last throat surgery and keep his strength to go out with kittens crooked with a cane ... Weeping, the man cordially asked us to help at least one family of cats - Mom with 6 stalks that are about 2 to 3 months old. They were most hated and threatened. There were other cats, but these were most threatened.

Praying, the grandfather offered us his grandmother to sew me a bunch of walnuts / rules very nice said ... /, to give us brandy or wine, something to warm hearts ... Hearty people. With already warm hearts that are now burning with grief and fear of the unknown future of the "little children" they have been caring for so far.

This time we help not only "some" animals but also human beings. Real People!
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