Rotariclub.com is a platform that provides high quality service to its users, through which everyone can easily and completely free publish a campaign and reach a huge number of people.

All users can rest assured that donations raised through Rotariclub.com are efficiently delivered to their intended destination. In order achieve its mission to give the best service to its amazing users, and to be able to offer quality tools and training, Rotariclub.com collects a small percentage of every donation.

In order to maintain this high level of operation and to provide all necessary services to its partners, to cover the costs of maintaining the platform, to manage a team of programmers, servers and systems and many more, Rotariclub.com collects a very small percentage of each donation.

The following fees are being collected from each donation: 5% platform fee and if you donate through payment processors such as PayPal and Stripe, you will be charged additionally 2.9% + 0.30 EUR transaction fee per donation .

Rotariclub.com works hard to constantly provide new opportunities to its users and partners, to facilitate and support them and keep fees at the lowest level. In addition, fundraisers can take advantage of Rotariclub.com’s global fund, which occasionally distributes the funds raised to campaigns on the site.

For detailed information, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions and How it Works section.