Anisha left knee surgery

Anisha Benton is 37 years old, from Barstow, California. At the end of 2014, Anisha performed a left knee surgery on the occasion of a two-fold lining of the cap. After surgery, however, despite intensive rehabilitation, she did not move his leg. Anisha loses balance between the two legs, can not balance, feels crack and creak.

Half a year later, her condition is deteriorating dramatically - she begins to feel weakness in the other knee, twisting the waist and a difference in hip rotation. From the electromyography of the lower limbs and the spinal cord MRI, it is seen that there are neurological lesions and disc herniation.

Neuroscientists and neurosurgeons do not reach a single opinion and a comprehensive treatment plan, so in September 2018 Anisha goes to an orthopaedist at the Atos Clinic in Heidelberg, Germany, and he recommends surgery on both knee joints.

The value of the interventions is 15,000 usd. The clinic does not work on Form S2 and therefore the NHIF can not pay the treatment.
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