Fraud Policy

Fraud Policy is fully committed to offer transparency and complete trust to its users. In case of doubt in a certain campaign, our team takes immediate action and inspects it in details. If this campaign is considered incorrect, misleads our users or is proven fraud, takes the necessary measures to block this campaign and recover the funds to all donors. follows strict policy to always protect the interests of its correct partners. In case of suspicion of illegal or misleading campaigns, where false facts are intentionally presented in order to raise funds, the necessary measures are taken. Following each signal in this direction, checks the relevant users and campaigns. has the right to claim all documents and additional information in regard to a campaign from its creators, in order to confirm its truthfulness and honesty. Then a committee analyzes all collected data and in case of a problem, the campaign is deactivated and the funds are returned to the donors.’s experienced team reviews each campaign. But also relies on its users for sending signals if they notice something wrong, so the necessary inspection can be made. We ask all our users, if they have any suspicion that a certain campaign is a fraud, or notice any problem, to notify us immediately by sending detailed information at, adding URL link to the campaign and a description of the problem noticed.

We are grateful to all users who support us and send correct information, helping us to protect the rights of all. does not tolerate any attempts at fraud or false content.

Please see some examples below:
- publishing campaigns that violate the law
- incorrect or misleading information in a campaign
- misleading information in regard to your identity and manager of the campaign
- publishing misleading statements and facts
- raising funds that will not be used for the specific purpose, announced on the site and in the campaign
- speculation and fraud for the purpose of benefit
- incorrect images, videos and other materials
- incorrect receipt of funds from prohibited sources
- any other possible violations, for which will monitor and impose appropriate prevention and take strict measures to interrupt anyone who tries to break the rules

Upon receipt of a donation of unclear origin, reserves the right to block the campaign, to remove it, to stop payments of the full amount of the raised funds or part of them to the organization of the campaign, or delay the payment until all doubts are cleared. Upon receipt of illegal funds from unclear sources or without the knowledge of the respective cardholder(donor), these funds are blocked by the payment processors. It is possible for the campaign organizer to raise a dispute until the relevant case is resolved and the necessary information is obtained. If your campaign receives such funds, it is possible that you receive a detailed check from our team, upon request from the payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe and bank institutions and to stop payments of the funds raised until the issue is resolved. If there are partial transactions that are incorrect and blocked by the operator, they are canceled and removed from your total balance. If these transactions are too many, a thorough check is made and the appropriate decision is made whether this campaign should be blocked and terminated. works in cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies and assists them by providing all necessary information in the cases it has been duly requested, in regard to ongoing investigations or the need to wrongful acts to be revealed. Apart from that, reports to Law Enforcement Agencies when notices a violation of the law and is able to provide the necessary evidence. If you are a Law Enforcement Agencies officer and would like to contact our team, please email us at

We ask all users of our website to carefully read our legal documentation and terms of use here. Every user who continues to browse and use, declares his agreement with our general conditions and way of work.