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Hello friends!

I've lived in Germany for a lot of years, but recently I came back to my homeland Bulgaria. There I and a friend of mine visited the orphanage “St. Ivan Rilski” situated at Pravec – a town at around 80 km from the capital Sofia. We had gathered a lots of old things, cloths and technics, which we gave to the children of the orphanage.

The conditions in which the orphans live are disturbing. The food was insufficient and definetly not the RDA* for a child. Most of the children had dental problems, they were with worn-out and torn cloths, there was too insufficient quantity of toys and books. There were only two working TV's at the whole orphanage... 80% of the rooms, in which the children live need a renovation / plaster and paint/, we saw some old and damaged basin and shower faucets.

All those things are so disturbing that as we came back from the orphanage “St. Ivan Rilski” , we traveled all the way without saying a word. The day after my friend called me and propose to collect money for the renovation of “St. Ivan Rilski”, food, cloths and some medical supplies, and also for a dentist!

We started searching a construction company, performing renovations, and from all the offers, we've seen, we choose one, which seemed to us the most reliable. We informed the owner, that the renovation is of an orphanage, so he made us a great discount. We THANK him for that!

We managed to collect from our friends and acquaintance around 25 000 USD till now. 43 000 USD are still needed.

We found this site and saw a possibility to gather the rest of the money needed for the renovation of “St. Ivan Rilski” through your empathy. We believe the kindness and compassion are still here. That's why we BEG you – let's help these children without parents to pass one more pleasant and calm winter and feel they are not alone in this world!

God be with you and let him guide your hearts!

Petar Staykov
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Petar Staykov

Created 21 Feb, 2019 Bulgaria

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