Living Dead!

We do not exaggerate the title altogether ... This is the Boot Kit for which we asked you for help yesterday.

In the afternoon he was taken to the clinic thanks to the financial help we received from Julia Weatherly, Bernard Hillis, Vickie Rogers and Maggie Lewis. When we heard the doctors later and asked what he had, they turned back to us - what he does not have ... We start in a row, mentioning only the serious things ...

First, Bo was castrated (as we had guessed, as one ear is a sign of a castrated homeless cat) before a maximum of a week. In the opinion of the doctors, he was returned too early to the street or the castration was contaminated, or God knows what ... His castration is so inflamed that he has white worms on his testicles. The jaw is broken, also with white worms on the wounds; the skull is inflated and there is air. The palate is cracked. There is runny nose, from his eye. Although he had been drinking pipettes for nearly two days, he did not actually digest anything because they went back through the nose. In extremely poor general condition! Bo will be placed on systems and will stay in the clinic for at least a few days to stabilize. If this happens at all, because he is not out of danger yet! It can still stay here on a stationary basis, but we need financial help to go ahead and fight for it! Besides we will need more money for the boy, he also needs a blood transfusion to increase his chances! If someone has a desire - we need a healthy, vaccinated cat, bigger if possible for a blood donor. Please, if you can help, write to us or go directly to Animo Clinic! Bo is just a dead man walking and wondering how he has survived so far. It really reduces the population of stray cats, right? But how ..
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