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How Does work?

The content on this page refers to every time you have read the word “Services” in the Terms of Use. Our services are, in short, the functionality of this website, say, the things can do for you or let you do on the website. So here it goes - what can you do on

Are you a campaign organiser? If YES, read on. If NOT, click here.

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First, set up a campaign

What you need to do is get registered with and set up your campaign. You can customise it all you want, add pictures, video, descriptions…  Then just publish it.

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Second, work your campaign

Be a good campaign organiser! Post regularly on your campaign information to update people on your progress and raise awareness about your cause. And don’t forget to share your campaign on your social media profile pages we’ve added some quick share buttons to make it easy for you.

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Third, when it comes to donations…

Now, this step is pretty much as easy as the previous ones. Obviously, once you reach your goal, your campaign will officially be closed all the donations from it will be transferred to your bank account . If you wish to end your campaign before you have reached your goal, contact us and we will help you with that process.

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Fourth, give back some love 

Well, your campaign may be finished, but people still do care about your cause. Come back around and share some updates with them so they know you’re doing better. Let them know their actions have helped.

Why pick us though? | Why pick us? | Why us?

  1. A user-friendly platform
  2. Easy to navigate user interface
  3. Mobile-friendly campaigns
  4. General Fund

Why is that important? Because working with is an easy and pleasant activity that allows you to focus on the content and purpose of a campaign, rather than on the website’s functionality.

  1. High-end security for your campaigns and donations
  2. No penalties for missing goal
  3. No deadlines or goal requirements

For ensuring you get all the support and help you can.

  1. General Fund

The General Fund is an original idea that revolves around causes that may have for one reason or another gone unsupported, yet still need help. A committee picks the campaigns that will receive funding from the General Fund. If you are not certain which cause you want to support but you really do want to help someone, donate to the General Fund and we will make sure someone gets your support.


Oh, you’ve scrolled so far down. Maybe you are one of those souls that seek to help others, in other words, a donor? Here is what you can do on! 

If you are here to donate to a cause, rest assured this kindness will return to you in one way or another! Follow those simple steps and know that your heart is cherished by the ones you have helped.

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