About Us

About Us

About www.rotariclub.com | What is www.rotariclub.com

Let’s say that www.rotariclub.com is not a club in the way that people get together to discuss something or share an interest. But it is a club on a more fundamental level - everyone is welcome and everyone gets help. Here is a very brief version of what we believe in:

  1. Everybody has a cause. Every. Body.
  2. There is no such thing as too small a cause.
  3. Every cause is worthy of support. Nobody should be judged.
  4. Everybody deserves help. So we have created the perfect platform for getting help.

www.rotariclub.com is not a cause in an of itself, it is merely a path to take when you have a cause of your own. Think of it as the road you take to reach your destination.

In the beginning this project was just an idea. The idea of a young man who felt there was some sort of injustice in the world, who felt that people weren’t treated equally and most of them couldn’t get help either at all, or not in the way they deserved it or needed it. So he started working, and he started working hard, inspiring this person and that person to believe in his idea. And they did believe. So little by little, with a programmer, a web designer, a graphic designer, a linguist and a lawyer, www.rotariclub.com started taking shape.

What you see today is the fruit of countless hours of brainstorming and endless discussions on which should work how. Because they believed in the idea, and the idea morphed into a belief. So, in short, here we are - www.rotariclub.com, supporting you when you need support the most. You’re always welcome here with us, don’t forget that.

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