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My name is Leslie, and I'm a school teacher. I work in a small school where a little over three hundred children are educated and developed every school year. I have over fifteen years of experience with children of all ages and to my great pain I see how with each passing day of school their desire to enter the classrooms decreases. This made me think about why this is so and how to change it.

It all started when a few of my colleagues and I decided to teach some of the lessons in the form of an animated video presentation told in "their language". And then something happened that we call a real miracle: the students grades on the submitted material increased by as much as sixty percent. Apart from the grades, however, it was a heartwarming question from my student, who asked me if we could spend another extra hour because she can't wait to see the next video. We created the homework in the form of logical games and to my great surprise there was not a single unwritten one.

Instead of being encouraged to continue, my colleagues and I were fired for not following the training material provided and filling their heads with "nonsense."

But we did not give up, on the contrary, we continued with full force. Our aim? Create an online platform with video lessons told in a language that children understand. Additional tasks in the form of games, through which they collect points and receive prizes. Because everyone should receive an incentive and reward for their hard work. And not only that, not just to have knowledge, but also the really important thing: to prepare them for real life without neglecting their childhood.

Help the development of our children. Help us give them an incentive to become educated people that take challenges with a smile. We will use the funds raised entirely to finance and create our online project.
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